Kitsap Cares About Kids

An On-Going Pledge

I, along with my neighbors throughout Kitsap County, Washington, am proud to declare my recognition of the importance of young people in our community. 

Our Children represent the energy, vision and potential of our lives together. They, through family, school, work and community, are an integral part of the quality of life we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest.

I pledge to do my part, personally and through the businesses and organizations with which I am associated, to support our community youth in their growth and development.

I pledge to include the impact on children as a key measure of decisions I undertake in my own life and in the life of my community.

I pledge to communicate with young people,reminding them at every opportunity of their value in the family and community we share.

I pledge to support young people with my talents, gifts and energies whenever possible.

I envision a community where all young people know they are valued, have hope for the future, and possess the resources to achieve their goals.

I pledge my appreciation for the richness of life’s experience made possible by my association with kids.